Consignment Shops: Myths vs Facts


Surprisingly, consignment stores are a bit of a mystery to some people. That’s why we’re here to get the truth told and debunk the myths! Pay attention, because If you're not shopping consignment stores, hunny you're missing out!

Consignment Myth 1: Everything is used or heavily worn.

False!  You can find a range of clothing, shoes, and accessories at consignment stores, from lightly worn pieces to items that still have their original store tags. Personally, we do not accept anything that's not new or like new condition

Fact: Heavily worn clothing is likely found in thrift stores, not at consignment shops.

Consignment Myth #2: There are no high end products.

False!   Most consignment stores have a list of designers they accept and most often they are high end, because guess what? High end products will likely sell faster.  

Fact: Consignment stores stock a wide variety of labels and pieces, including high end merchandise.

Consignment Myth #3: Used clothing is dirty and unhygienic.

False!  A reputable consignment shop won’t accept any clothing that is stained, ripped, or otherwise ruined.  We require all pre-owned clothing to be freshly dry cleaned. Think about it this way: how many people have tried on the same outfit that you purchased last time you visited the department store?  It’s really no different when you are buying consignment clothing!

Fact: No reputable consignment store will stock ruined or dirty clothing.

Consignment Myth #4: Everything is unorganized and hard to find.

False!  There's a huge difference in Consignment stores and thrift shops, or second hand stores.  Usually consignment stores are independently run, and have a small staff that consistenly remerchadise. Additionally, many consignment stores are organized just like a boutique.  They make use of mannequins, shelves, racks, and tables.

Fact: Many consignment stores are organized no differently than a boutique or small shop.

There you have it folks!  Straight from one of Hyde Park's Finest Consignment Boutiques!